5 reasons penetration tests are crucial to your cybersecurity

Malware gets downloaded automatically, websites get built with code injection and cross-site scripting flaws, and criminals develop new black hat techniques. It all leaves organizations with no option but to regularly conduct vulnerability assessments and penetration tests.

Penetration tests play an important role in identifying your cyber risks. Here are the five reasons penetration tests are crucial to your organization’s cybersecurity.

  1. Identify and eradicate vulnerabilities

Preforming penetration tests on a regular basis can help your organization find any vulnerabilities in your system and network. Identifying vulnerabilities in your system will help you understand how cyber criminals might exploit them, and the measures, processes, and procedures that need to be in place to eradicate these vulnerabilities.

  1. Reduce risk by anticipating and assessing emerging threats

Anticipating and assessing emerging threats through frequent and comprehensive penetration testing can help your organization protect its data and critical systems. Getting ahead of cyber criminals can be challenging, but penetration testing can help you evade ongoing and evolving threats.

  1. Increase your defenses with effective controls

Cyber criminals often target organizations with unreliable business systems and processes. By conducting penetration tests, organizations can implement effective controls to avoid the financial loss and reputational damage associated with a data breach.

  1. Demonstrate due diligence

Penetration testing can help organizations get a competitive advantage by proving compliance to industry regulators, clients, and stakeholders. It shows the organization has taken proactive steps to identify any vulnerabilities in its systems.

  1. Evaluate and improve your system

Regular penetration tests assess your organization’s ability to protect your network, applications, and systems from both external and internal threats. The test results validate the risks facing your processes and systems, and help your security team mitigate any threats.

Organizations implementing ISO 27001 will find that a penetration test is crucial in identifying any potential vulnerabilities in their infrastructure, websites, and web applications.

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