93.4 million Mexicans at risk after voter database breach

Security researcher Chris Vickery recently announced that he came across a publicly accessible database that contained the personal information of 93.4 million Mexicans.

The 132GB database contained voter registration data from 93,424,710 Mexican citizens. That’s over 72% of the country’s population. The data leaked contained:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Data of birth
  • Mother’s and father’s last names
  • Occupation
  • Unique voting credential code

It’s currently unknown how the database, hosted via an Amazon Cloud server, managed to end up on the Internet. Vickery commented: “There was no password or authentication of any sort required. It was configured purely for public access. Why? I have no clue.”

The database has since been removed from the Amazon Cloud server, but that doesn’t mean it’s not available elsewhere or that it’s not already in the hands of criminals.

Not the first time

This isn’t the first time Mexican voters have had their personal details passed into the wrong hands. Back in 2003, ChoicePoint managed to get hold of the Mexican voter database in exchange for $250,000. As you’d expect, Mexican citizens were outraged – and you can expect they will be this time, too.

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