Georgia data breach could affect 6.2 million voters’ personal information

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution (AJC) reports that two Georgia women, Elise Piper and Yvette Sanders, “have filed a class action lawsuit alleging a massive data breach by Secretary of State Brian Kemp” affecting the personal information – including Social Security numbers – of Georgia’s 6.2 million registered voters.

In a statement, Mr Kemp said:

“Our office shares voter registration data every month with news media and political parties that have requested it as required by Georgia law.

“Due to a clerical error where information was put in the wrong file, 12 recipients received a disc that contained personal identifying information that should not have been included. This violated the policies that I put in place to protect voters personal information.

“My office undertook immediate corrective action, including contacting each recipient to retrieve the disc, and I have taken additional administrative action within the agency to deal with the error.”


State data breach notification law

Enacted in 2005, Georgia’s data breach notification law requires entities – except for certain governmental agencies – that collect and process personal information to inform Georgia residents without unreasonable delay of any data breach that results or could result in the unauthorized acquisition of their unencrypted personal information.

The lawsuit alleges that “Kemp has not notified a single Georgia citizen that his or her information may have been compromised”.

Democratic Party of Georgia chair DuBose Porter said was quick to condemn Mr Kemp, saying:

“This wasn’t hacking. This is a government official — Brian Kemp — distributing the personal identification information of over six million Georgians. My privacy has been compromised, and yours probably has as well. It’s been over a month, and not a single voter has been notified — it took a lawsuit for Georgians to learn that their information has been compromised.”

Combating ‘clerical errors’

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