Goodwill and FBI Investigate Possible Security Breach

Goodwill Industries, the non-profit organization, is working with US federal officials to investigate a potential security breach.


Goodwill was contacted by a fraud unit and federal authorities who claim that payment details may have been stolen from a number of Goodwill’s US stores. Goodwill, credit card providers and the Secret Service are all working in unison to figure out if a breach occurred, but so far none has been discovered.

Goodwill operates more than 2,900 stores and takes in annual retail sales of $3.79 billion. It sells donated merchandise to fund job programs.

“Our current credit card system uses a direct, secure Net Connect Gateway, and as a result, the data path between our terminals and the credit card processing server is more controlled,” said Goodwill Marketing and Communications Manager Jessica Krasin. “Our current data does not travel through other point of sale programs, which allows it be more secure than integrated systems used by larger retailers.”

For further information on protecting your organization from a data breach, implement an Information Security Management System (ISMS) in line with ISO27001, the internationally recognized standard that specifies best practice for an ISMS.