Pokémon Go CEO Twitter account hacked – password was “nopass”

John Hanke, CEO of Niantic, the developers of Pokémon Go, had his twitter account hacked Sunday. The person(s) behind the attack posted a series of tweets that claimed the hack was for Brazil, asking for Pokémon Go to be released there.

The tweets, which are still live at the time of publishing this post, all used the hashtag #OurMine. The last tweet posted states that John’s password was “nopass” – not exactly the most secure password…


The Quora links included in the tweets are no longer available. Cnet reports that OurMine is an organization that claims to test social media account security – suggesting that this may be a marketing stunt.

#OurMine is being used by hundreds of Twitter accounts, most thanking the group for bringing awareness to the fact that Pokémon Go isn’t available in Brazil. There is, of course, something that has also been brought to attention: the poor security of John’s account.

As a Pokémon Go player myself, I hope that John’s poor security habits aren’t symptomatic of common Niantic practice.