Union Station parking lot suffers suspected data breach

Union StationCustomers who used their credit or debit cards at the Union Station parking lot, St Louis, MO, between October 6 and October 31 could have had their information compromised. It is not yet known how many cards were affected.

St Louis Parking Company, which operates the lot, said in a recent statement: “As soon as the breach was discovered, the affected server was isolated and security measures were put in place to eliminate any further compromise of data”.

According to St Louis Parking Company, the breach was isolated to the public parking lot and did not affect any other concessions. St Louis Parking Company is now working with experts to investigate the issue further.

If you are concerned that you may have been affected by this breach, you can contact St Louis Parking Company at 314-241-7777, extension 11.

This news comes just nine days after it was reported that 17 parking lots in Philadelphia, Seattle, and Chicago were also breached.


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